Camp… It does a body good!

It has been getting darker a little earlier every night and there is a chill in the morning air. If any of the boys looked closely they might see a tinge of color in some of the leaves, but I am unsure if any of them have noticed this. There was a trace of collective anxiety throughout the unit at the beginning of the week, the way children get when there is something not quite definable at the edge of their consciousness. But that has passed as they come to understand that camp is ending and soon they will be transitioning back to their home lives. One of the great ironies of the camp is that while every single day feels as long as a whole week, the summer itself flies by all too quickly.

The Mountain View counselors are committed to making the last few days of camo as fun and exciting as the very first moments were. Just yesterday, M4, along with some volunteers from M3, joined Frontier on a hike to breakneck. M1 and M2 had a pizza fondue overnight on “A Trail” that included a wilderness obstacle course, a chance to climb a real live vine, and roasting s’mores, and hearing stories. The boys retired to their bunks in good order when it began to rain, and every camper agreed this morning that last night’s overnight was the best ever. Today, we had a morning full of activities, followed by Hobby and then the beginning of our very last Shabbat for the summer of 2014.

Earlier this week the Mainside Drama Crew put on “Frozen” for the all camp show, and Mountain View was well represented in the cast. The next day was the Mainside talent show, and once again Mountain View Boys were not shy about performing. It was just wonderful to see, not only the children who chose to take the stage, but all their brothers cheering them on, literally holding up signs, and sharing the excitement and accomplishments of their peers.

SLC is a community and a family that many of you, and all of your children are a part of. I would encourage you to participate in our off season family programs which start just two weeks after camp ends with Labor Day weekend. We have a moving Rosh Hashanah service in September and a fun filled Sukkot feast in October. There is a terrific and educational Seder during Passover, and a Shabbat at Camp in the spring. I hope to see all the Mountain View campers at each of these events.

I continue to be so proud of all the children, particularly out eight week campers who have been here since June 30th. But whether you son has been at camp for eight weeks or two, I can assure you that he learned new skills, accomplished new things, and lived a little bit outside his comfort zone.

It may happen during the year that you son feels a little bit sad. Maybe there will be a rough day at schools. Maybe he will score a bit lower on a tricky test then he expected or feel mistreated by his friends. Maybe some plans won’t work out one day and your boy will feel a little disappointed. This is all part of growing up. When you find your son trapped in one of these moments, remind him that he is a Mountain View Boy and that he has over 40 friends who are waiting for him next summer. Tell him that there are a whole bunch of grownups who believe that he is a lovable and capable person. Remind him that he can swim 20 laps in the lake, or reach the top of the climbing tower, or hit a bulls eye on an archery range. Tell your son, from me, that he is a champion and that all bad days pass and that camp will begin again very soon.

On behalf of all the Mountain View counselors, and everyone else here at camp I want to thank you all so much for lending us your child this summer. It is truly a privilege to have gotten to know him.

Neil Weintraub
Mountain View Boys Supervisor, 2014​


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