ALS Challenge Comes To SLC, Topsy Turvey Day, and Club Surprise

It was only a matter of time before the Ice Bucket Challenge to raise money and awareness for ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) arrived at Surprise Lake Camp.  Yesterday, two of camp’s Key Staff, Sheryl and Celia, were nominated, and today a bucket of ice water was dumped on their heads. The girls of Journey’s Way enjoyed being witnesses to the event, and video can be viewed here

Journey’s Way and Idyllwood enjoyed Topsy Turvey Day, where the male counselors dressed as females and the females as males.  Some of those guys looked surprisingly good in dresses and high heels!

And tonight Teenside Campers enjoyed the annual Club Surprise banquet.  Planned and implemented by the Work Program, this event started with a cocktail hour on the teen beach, dinner in the Shmerler, and a dance party in the dining hall.  The theme was Paris, and the menu included French Onion Soup, Baguettes, Stuffed Chicken Breast, Salad with Creamy Avocado dressing, and Crepes for dessert!  Of course, everything tastes better when it is served to you by your counselors!

We congratulate the Teen Support Supervisor, Meri Schoenblum, on being given the Teenside Appreciation Award!  It is a well deserved honor for someone who works so hard for the teen campers.  


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