Rain rain go away!

Throughout the day we had a major debate about the All Camp Show. The weather reports were terrible in the morning, but we held on to hope. We had options, we could postpone it until tomorrow, have it Thursday afternoon, or give it a shot for tonight and hope for the best.

As the day went on, there was a glimmer of hope! A small window and we went for it (sans 5 year sweatshirts and awards). As we began the mainside show “Frozen” it began to drizzle, but we made it! The kids did an incredible job. The costumes and sets were adorable. The teenside show, “Annie” had a cast of campers ranging from 7 through 16! They put on a great show. With only a few minutes left, the rain started to come down, fairly heavily. When the cast came out singing “The sun will come out tomorrow” the audience joined in and miraculously it stopped.

It was truly a wonderful evening that kicks off many great activities for the week. The kids are really looking forward to their 5 year sweatshirts, 6 and 7 year pins, and 8 year jerseys which will be given out on Sunday evening at the slide show.

It is hard to believe in a few short days we will be waving goodbye to the buses. We are going to make every moment count until that happens!


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