Visiting Day # 2

This morning we woke up to raindrops and were worried it would be a rare rainy Visiting Day.  But by the time the first car pulled up the road, the rain had stopped, and as the visitors streamed in, the clouds parted.  Finally, when the kids started singing at the Mainside music show, the sun began to shine!  The beautiful sounds of children’s voices filled the Eddie Cantor Theater with some of our favorite SLC Shabbat songs, written by our very own Paul Suchow.  Campers and their visitors went out in rowboats on the lake, some were found on the tennis courts, and others were enjoying archery and basketball.  The campers love showing their parents and visitors around on this special day!  The 15 Year olds attended their commencement ceremonies in the gym, and a few tears were shed as campers celebrated their last summer before they are eligible to become staff next year. Our evening activity was unbelievable!!!  We had a magician/mentalist, David Levitan, who amazed us all with incredible mind reading abilities.  Ask your kids about it.,, you won’t believe the stories!  We can’t believe there are only 2 weeks left of camp, but there is still so much still to come!


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