Frontier instructional swim

Today at 11:45, Frontier boys had instructional swim. Lifeguards broke the boys up into their swim groups and they all went in the water. One lifeguard was left with one camper. They took their time, and walked into the shallow water, the only 2 people in shallow. The guard patiently showed the boy how to move his arms – first through the air. Then they tried it in the water. The guard then encouraged the camper to put his face in the water. Eventually he did. Slowly with smiles, caring and patience the guard had the boy moving across the water! They even moved into the deep water (only 4 feet) and the camper swam back and forth smiling and proud. I watched the pair of them for the entire 45 minute period…. Smiling the whole time. The miracles and memories made at camp.


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