Session 1 Slideshow, Trip Break, and a New Beginning

The past few days have been a whirlwind.  Monday night we all gathered in the theater for our end-of-session slide show and the Pete Seeger tribute video, edited by our very talented Steve Video!  The weather was beautiful, the sky was clear, and sentimental tears fell down many cheeks.  The slide show captured many great moments of camp, starting with Arrival Day, and ending with the last few days of camp.  Teenside awarded two special teens with the Leadership Award:  Congratulations Jake Berger and Meredith Levy!  Our IRAF campers (I Referred A Friend) came up to lead the final Nestling of the summer, and Sheryl left us with some sweet parting words.  It was bittersweet saying goodbye to our first session campers, and hope to see them again next summer.

Trip Break is the time in between Sessions 1 & 2 and is full of fun stuff!  Over 240 campers enjoyed late breakfasts, scavenger hunts, beach parties, choice activities, Mainside and Teenside madness, and a trip to the movies!  On a day as hot and humid as today, the air conditioned theater was a welcome treat.

We are excited to be meeting our Session 2 campers tomorrow morning and can’t wait to share the energy and excitement of Surprise Lake Camp.  We have lots of wonderful things in store, and are counting down the minutes until we start again!

Happy Camping!


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