We are Shomrei Adamah – Keepers of the Earth

Friday, July 11 was our annual Shomrei Adamah Day.  “Shomrei Adamah” means “Keepers (or Guardians) of the Earth” in Hebrew.  At camp, the kids call it Teva day.  “Teva” is Hebrew for nature.  It is a day filled with extra special fun Teva activities, where kids learn about the environment, its creatures, and its mysteries.  Our theme this year was Discover The Universe Through Food!!  The campers ate their way through the solar system with things like sugar crystals, cookies, marshmallows and sprinkles.  They made various phases of the moon using Oreo cookie cream.  They used jelly sandwiches to simulate plate tectonics, which create earthquakes, volcanoes and mountains.  Last but not least, they made edible metamorphic rock using heat and pressure.  It was a delicious day!

Moon phasesdetail



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