VISITING DAY and the big O!!!

Visiting Day at camp is so much fun!! When we wake up, the excitement is palpable- the kids cannot wait to see all of their visitors. In the early morning, lakeside is an empty, serene expanse of grass and surrounded by calm water. By 10:30 am, lakeside becomes tent city! There is barely a spot of grass visible, with families setting up their picnic sites everywhere. Its truly an amazing sight to see!! The best is watching the loving embraces between campers and their visitors. The Mainside campers put on a fantastic show! This year, we are honored the great Pete Seeger, who was a neighbor and a great friend to Surprise Lake Camp. All of the units sang popular Pete Seeger songs and the whole audience sang along! We were even treated to an original song, written by our very own Paul Suchow, the Neil Diamond Music Specialist. Paul and his family had a very close relationship with Pete, and his song, “Planted By Pete” truly celebrates Pete Seeger’s life.
The campers are happy and their bellies are full from all the wonderful food that their visitors brought. And if Visiting Day wasn’t enough, it ended with all of camp in a gigantic circle on the mainside ballfield. We all thought we were there to see a magician do an amazing trick that was going to make the main building disappear. Instead, the joke was on all of us. A HELICOPTER (yes, a helicopter!) circled the field, dropping four different color balls! It eventually landed and out jumped the representatives of the four Olympics Teams! It’s Olympics 2014!!!! The theme is the four seasons and everyone is beyond excited for tomorrow!!!! Stay tuned for Olympics updates!!!!!


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