Olympics 2014

What an exciting day at SLC!  Olympic activities began right after breakfast.  Campers participated in ballfield activities, waterfront activities, created plaques and banners in arts & crafts, practiced songs and cheers, and displayed wonderful sportsmanship… one of our STARFISH values!

Lunch was unusually quiet… because it was worth points!  It is camp tradition to have  a silent meal during Olympics.  Campers sit by teams and must remain silent during the meal, or they could lose points for their team.  It is fun to watch campers express themselves without words!

It was a small miracle that the weather held out until after lunch, when we were able to participate in a camp-wide activity, passing small cups of water from one teammate to another until the team was able to fill their bucket.

After that activity, the rain came, and we moved to indoor activities.   Teams participated in origami, brain teasers, trivia, and a sing down.

Unfortunately, the weather prevented us from having Closing Ceremonies this evening.  There is simply nothing better than teams, dressed in team colors, marching to the Eddie Cantor Theater, cheering with incredible energy and enthusiasm.  Since the forecast was dreary, we made the decision to hold off on this special evening until we could do it right. There’s no place like the Eddie Cantor…

So… we hope on Thursday night we’ll be able to announce the winners!



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