Mountainview Girls Say the Darndest Things!

We take great pride in the energy and enthusiasm our counselors and staff maintain over the course of the summer. Beginning on arrival day, they are fully engaged and their attitude transfers to the campers to create a special place of excitement and fun. But sometimes, we get energy from the campers and most of the time, that happens when we pay attention to them just being themselves!

 For example, Mountainview Girls say the darndest things…… a collection of real quotes:

 Arrival day quotes:

“I need to sleep near a window, I get car sick!” (Not sure of the connection, but happily sleeping near a window.)

“Am I allowed to pee before I unpack?” (Please do!!)

 Random musing:

Camper: “My tooth is buzzing and beeping.” Counselor: “What does a beeping tooth feel like?” Camper: “I don’t know, you tell me!” (Huh!?!)

One camper thought Neil (our Mountainview Boys Supervisor) was Neil Diamond because he sang Sweet Caroline at round up! (While he sings with passion, he is NOT Neil Diamond!)

Late Night:

“I counted to 3000 and I still can’t fall asleep” (By the time the counselor on night duty walked over to the bedside, camper was snoring!)

“I have this feeling in my heart. It doesn’t hurt, it doesn’t feel bad, I don’t know what to do with it” (Counselor provided a well-deserved hug and the feeling was clearly love for camp!)


Our campers bring us joy everyday. We can’t wait to see you all tomorrow on Visiting Day and share that joy with you!



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