SLC Board Day and the Pete Seeger Memorial Music Show

(Guest Blogger:  Seth Stein, SLC Alumni, Board Member, and Get Your Feet Wet Supervisor)

I couldn’t wait to come to SLC on July 9th.  Our board meeting was going to be in the morning and the “Pete Seeger Memorial Show”was going to take place at the Eddie Cantor Theater after dinner.

As a Board Member, I attended the ceremonial ribbon-cutting at the newly renovated Arts & Crafts Building (thank you, Roz & Jerry  Meyer!!!), toured the sites of future constructions and renovations, and witnessed Harry Vogel and select campers demonstrate camp’s new Stand Up Paddleboards.  They looked awesome!

The crowd for the music show was a great mix of current campers, staff, and alumni.  I started to remember all of times I was lucky enough to watch Pete Seeger performances at camp… SLC was so lucky to have Pete as a friend and neighbor.   Jordan Dale, camp’s Executive Director, opened the program with some very special words about Pete and then each unit sang one of his songs.  I loved Merrylane’s version of “Turn, Turn, Turn” and Sherwood’s version of “If I Had a Hammer.”  The highlight of the night for me was a Paul Suchow original song entitled “Planted by Pete.”  Paul had a special friendship with Pete, and wrote the song in the days following his death.  The song was performed by Highlands and was incredibly moving… not to mention the solo trumpeter – she was terrific!  I would encourage everyone to watch the video that will soon be posted on Surprise Lake Camp’s You Tube page.  Sitting at the Eddie cantor, staring at the lake and hearing  hundreds of campers, staff, and alumni singing in unison was the highlight of my day.  I can’t wait for the next time.

Sherwood Paddleboard Meyer



  1. Nice blog! It sounds like a great day. Thanks to Seth and GYFW for my daughters’ entry to being at SLC


    1. Thank you. Seth is a gem and we are lucky to have him!


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