Trip to Lake Compounce, Board Day, and the Renamed Music Show

Our Senior Campers (Idyllwood, Journey’s Way, Frontier & Highlands) lucked out with a warm and sunny day for their trip to Lake Compounce in Bristol, CT.  The fearless campers got to experience rides like Boulder Dash, voted the world’s best wooden coaster in 2013, and other campers decided to keep it cool by lounging in the lazy river or hanging in Clipper Cove.

Tomorrow (Wednesday, July 9) is a very special day for a two reasons:  It’s our annual Board Day, and it’s our first annual Pete Seeger Memorial Music Show.

Board Day is when the SLC Board of Directors visits camp and conducts its summer meeting.  The Board is an incredible group of volunteers who provide expertise and help to determine camp’s strategy and policy.  They make sure that SLC stays true to its mission, and does so in a thoughtful, responsible way.  Strong corporate governance is essential for a successful organization, and our Board ensures that SLC operates with integrity and accountability.  Some members are camp alumni, some have a family history with camp, and some were referred by friends or colleagues… and they all share a passion and love for camp and the children we serve.  The Board works tirelessly to keep camp thriving.  So here is a special shout-out to our Board… we thought it’d be nice to list their names here now:

President (as of July 8)

Linda Markowitz


Amy Goldberg

Peter Hirsch

Alan Hoffman

Charles Jainchill


Peter Baum

Assistant Treasurer

Faith Kirkpatrick


Seth Stein

Board of Directors

Robert Altabet

Margery Arsham*

Howard Berk

Nelson Braff

David Fleischner*

Joseph Goldberg, D.D.S.

Dayle Henshel

Joy Henshel*

Patti Henshel

Michael Herson

Jay Jacobs

Bruce Jaffe

Stanley Josephson

Lee M. Kaplan

Thomas S. Karger

Alan Kleiman

Michele Mark Levine

Michael Margulies*

Ruth Messinger*

James Meyer

Jerry Meyer

Stephen Nitkin

Eve Rubinstein

Laurence H. Rubinstein*

Mark Segal

Eliot Senor

Cindy Shmerler

Susan Namm Spencer

Adele Stern

Michael Zbar*

Honorary Board

Moe Bordwin

Barbara Hirsch*

Deborah Raizes

Charles Weinberg*

The other special event tomorrow is the Music Show.  When Pete Seeger died in January, the outpouring of emotion from the SLC community was incredible.  Pete was a tremendous friend to camp, and he touched so many of our lives.

We wanted to find a way for our alumni to join together in remembering Pete and to celebrate his life and his many visits to camp.  So tomorrow we will hold the first annual Pete Seeger Music Show.  It will feature songs sung by our campers, poignant memories, and opportunities for everybody to sing along.

Pete Seeger was a great man.  His impact on SLC was profound.  His impact on the world was remarkable.  We hope that somewhere out there, he’ll be playing his banjo, smiling at SLC’s celebration of his legacy.




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