Trips, Hikes, & Intercamp Games

Today was a fabulous day at SLC!  Mountainview Boys & Girls went on an exciting trip to Quassy Family Fun Park where they were able to experience thrill rides, family rides, water rides, and more!  Our Highlands girls hiked to Bull Hill and then through the Cornish Estate ruins.  They ate a lovely picnic lunch and took ion the beauty which surrounds us.  Camp Kinder Ring came to play against some of our campers entering 6th grade.  There were rousing games of boys softball and girls basketball, and a great time was had by all.   On Teenside, our campers had a full morning of specialty and programs with our talented specialists.  Campers also enjoyed the cool and refreshing lake on this hot and sunny day.

We are looking forward to our Music Show on Wednesday evening when SLC will be honoring the life and music of Pete Seeger.  Each unit will be singing one of Pete’s songs, and sharing small facts and stories about his well-lived life.  He had a tremendous impact on the lives of so many campers and staff, and we are looking forward to celebrating this incredible humanitarian and environmentalist in song and spirit.

Quassy Quassy2


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