Theme Night Thursdays and 1st Annual Cupcake Challenge

Another program that we have implemented this summer is Theme Night Thursdays. Every Thursday dinner will be themed, complete with cuisine, decorations, and music. Tonight was our first one, and it was an overwhelming success!  The theme was Mexican, and we were treated to delicious tacos and burritos, veggie chili, fresh guacamole, My Brother Bobby’s fresh salsa, cheese, sour cream, jalapenos and more!  And for dessert?  Churros!!!  The campers really enjoyed the decorations and the authentic Mexican music, and are looking forward to next week’s theme… Israeli Night!

Keeping with the theme of food, the girls of Highlands participated in the 1st Annual Cupcake Challenge.  Each group was presented with 12 cupcakes and a variety of candy, frosting, and other goodies to create a display.  The theme was The Waterfront and they all did a great job.  The winning group created the Berger Bounce, diving dock and waterfront sign… all out of cupcakes!

Teenside is well under way with the campers enjoying specialty, participating in many of their favorite activities, and enjoying some new ones, too.  (If you have a camper in Merrlyane, ask her about 80’s Workout Night!)  The Teenside waterfront will also be starting an American Red Cross lifeguarding course for campers who are 15 years old and older.

The weather forecast has forced us to postpone our 4th of July carnival to the 6th of July (same day as our 1902 Society BBQ!).  But even before that, we’ll get to enjoy another Shabbat together, and watch fireworks over our beautiful lake on Saturday night.

SLC's Waterfront - made out of cupcake

SLC’s Waterfront – made out of cupcake

Fun pictures with the cutouts

Fun pictures with the cutouts

Table set for Theme Night Thursday

Table set for Theme Night Thursday


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