Now that the campers have settled in, we are starting to go on our overnights!

Every unit goes on one overnight per session.  We cook over a fire, roast marshmallows, and then sleep outside under the stars.  As any alumnus can tell you, generations of SLCers have spent their overnights sleeping in the woods or on the ground, usually on big flat rocks.


This year, we have made significant improvements and upgrades to the overnight experience. We now have tents, sleeping pads, tarps, and backpacks!  Last night some of our Mountainview Boys went on an overnight and had a great time!  The boys were very excited to carry these giant backpacks with tents and sleeping pads up to their overnight spot.  Once the tents were assembled and standing, the kids set up their sleeping pads and sleeping bags inside…some even brought their stuffed animals (as you can see in the photo.)  The night was great, and even though the boys woke up at 6am, they were still gung-ho about carrying the backpacks bac down to camp… they were even arguing over who would get to carry the tents down, because they all wanted to!  What a great group of boys!tent 2 tent pic


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