Smiling Faces and Stargazing

Today was another amazing day here at SLC! Everywhere you looked there were smiling faces, campers and counselors playing, and lots of fun being had by all!

Mainside campers were busy in a variety of programs with our specialists from Arts and Crafts, Teva, Adventure, Tennis, Archery and Waterfront. In Israeli Culture, we played a game that involved counting in Hebrew and cheering on our friends by using Hebrew phrases such as Kol HaKavod (Great Job!) when they were successful. In Archery, campers shot arrows at their targets with the hope of popping the balloon in the bulls-eye. In Arts and Crafts, name plaques were made for the bunks to enhance our already beautiful surroundings. We concluded our day with a delicious outdoor Barbeque and our first night of Hobby!!!

Teenside had their first day of Specialty today. Campers were engaged all over Teenside: on the fields playing sports, auditioning for parts in the first session musical, volleying balls on the courts, swimming and boating in the lake. Arts and Crafts included making beaded wrap bracelets, decorating backpacks and creating charms for jewelry from shrinky dinks. They look like real art-you have to see it to believe it! Lower teens left for the first overnight of the season, and they will be lucky enough to gaze up at the stars as they sleep out under the magnificent night sky.

We are so excited for tomorrow and can’t wait to see what it brings!!!


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