Hobby & Specialty on Mainside & Teenside

We were blessed with another beautiful sunny day at camp, and it was buzzing with activity here!  It’s so wonderful to see all the campers engaged in all of the fantastic “goings-on” all over camp. The younger campers on Mainside were given a Hobby orientation/introduction.   Hobby is an elective period that happens three  times a week.  The campers got to choose their hobbies today, and the first hobby session will be held Monday evening.  They choose from an incredibly long and varied list:  They can swim in the lake and learn how to use all the boats.  They can use their imagination and create in our newly renovated Mainside Arts & Crafts Shack. The ballfield is another choice, with volleyball, kickball, basketball and gaga as options.  Adventure and the ropes course is a favorite.   Another great choice is performing arts… campers love performing in the All Camp Show at the end of the session!  Israeli culture is another excellent option, since the counselors that have joined us from Israel this summer are incredibly energetic and spirited!  Campers can also choose dance hobby, as well as archery, tennis, and golf.  Our media specialist, returning for his sixth summer, is top of the list for many campers.  They love learning more about photography and videography – and putting their skills to use!  Our new song leader is amazing and the kids are really looking forward to the song leading hobby.  Mainside campers are so busy and having a blast at camp!

Teenside is so exciting this summer!  Our returning campers are thrilled to be back for another fun-filled summer.  In fact, they have been so wonderful in welcoming our new campers that it’s impossible to tell the new from the returning, and its only day 3!  Sport team tryouts are going on all over Teenside today; girls and boys basketball, girls volleyball, and girls hockey to name a few.  Thanks to some generous donors, our waterfront has new stand-up paddleboards and the kids are starting to learn how to use them.  The Arts & Crafts program is working on beautiful projects; the resin necklaces are an early favorite.  Specialty on Teenside starts tomorrow.  This is also an elective which takes place four times a week, and the kids are finalizing their choices.  Fitness is a favorite among our teen campers, as well as sports and waterfront.  We also offer photography, videography, tennis, TEVA (nature), Arts & Crafts, and performing arts.  Teenside is so much fun!  The summer is shaping up to be AMAZING!!Image


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