Shabbat Shalom

Shabbat Shalom and greetings from SLC on Saturday, June 28, our first full day of camp! We began the day with camp wide services at our Eddie Cantor Theater. Picture over 500 campers and staff celebrating Shabbat together! It is always a magical experience here at camp. we pray, sing and celebrate together. After services, our campers enjoyed Shabbat Walk, a time to meet up with siblings from other units and friends they have not seen all year. The first Shabbat Walk is always fun to watch as campers and returning staff catch up with each other after a whole year away from camp, a place most of us consider our second home.

Another special Saturday program is the weekly Oneg, an activity lead by the Jewish Leadership Counselor in each unit. During this activity we teach a Jewish themed program, sometime related to the Torah portion of the week.

This week the theme is “Hachnasat Orachim”, which means welcoming the stranger. Campers played getting to know you games which helped new and returning campers bond and while having fun!

It was a beautiful day and most campers had their first chance to get in the lake to take their deep water tests. We began regular programming and campers were engaged and happy to start activities!

We ended the day with a camp wide Havdallah as we said good bye to the Sabbath all together, as a holy Jewish community.

Already looking forward to tomorrow!


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