Remembering our dear friend, Pete Seeger

Remembering our dear friend, Pete Seeger

Dear Surprise Lake Camp Community

As many of you have no doubt heard already, Surprise Lake Camp has lost a dear friend with the death of Pete Seeger at 94 years of age.

The news reports keep referring to him as a singer-songwriter. In truth, he was so much more. He was a man who had a vision of the world in which people of all races and creeds would find a way to stop committing acts of violence, would take care of our planet, and would lead healthy, loving lives. And he had a gift for writing songs of protest and hope that moved all of humankind toward his vision.

While Pete’s impact was global, he was a humble man who relished a quiet, unpretentious home, just over the mountain from camp. And while he cared deeply about all of the biggest and most important issues of his time, he also cared about his neighbors and local community. He helped spearhead the cleaning of the Hudson River, and he came to sing with the children of Surprise Lake Camp.

I say he came to sing “with” the children, not “for” the children. He was not with us to entertain. He was with us to engage, to teach, to inspire. Ten thousand young people have sung with him at SLC, and all of our souls have been uplifted.

As he has uplifted our souls, may his soul now be lifted, and forever at peace.

We recognize that Pete’s passing means a lot to many people in our camp community. We encourage you to go to our Facebook page at to share your comments with the rest of the SLC community and to read the many beautiful memories and sentiments that have been posted. We are also considering appropriate ways to remember Pete at SLC, and we welcome your ideas.

Jordan Dale
Executive Director



  1. Jordan, you’re writing is always so heart warming…thank you.


  2. nancymamamaven · · Reply

    Well said, Jordan. I have so many fond memories of singing along with Pete Seeger and met him one time at the Butterfield Emergency Room when I was there with a camper. Thanks for this. — Nancy Johnson Horn


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