Starting Line Up


Shalom Chaverim,

With the New Year upon us, and another snowfall heading our way, we thought this was a perfect time to let you know who is coming back/or joining us this summer!

The list* will change and grow from week to week and we will update often…

Drumroll please….Harry Vogel, Jerry Person, Whammy, Rabbi Claire, Wendy Dinn, Paul Suchow, Diane Weiner, Barb Freidman, Carolyn Samuels, Neil Weintraub, Marni Schlectman, Rob Rosenbaum, Julia Britt, Brandon Sidor, Logan Abrams, Amy Waldman, Gabby Roma, Sarah Knol, James Grogan, Alexa Zucker, Laura Hollander, Samara Pryes, Eliza Reinhardt, Anna Hollander, Jess Hampton, Yaron Rubin, Jamie Rosner, Noah Margolin, Nate Wolf, Spencer Gilbert, Izzy Brandl, Jess Richman, Rebecca Silver, Dylan Marcus, Mark Regan, Alec Zbar, Alex Goodson, Stephanie Allman, Ariel Ruck, Lissy Rosner, Samantha Leibowitz, Tess hamburg, Andrea Zalin, Erica Karron, Ashley Cohen, Lindsay Fisher, Alyssa Leibowitz, Miriam Tarrash, Erica Pollet, Seth Fishman, Merri Schoenblum, Becky Diffey, Shelby Morrison, Tori Tanner, Logan Samuels, Joe Rachmuth

Welcome to our new staff: Robbie Bloom, Adam Cusner, Jason Cusner, Max Pfau, Mike Seltzer, Daniel Levy, Jason Bolton, Lydia Weiner, Sam Kaufman, Yossi Levy, Matt Bolton, Ben Malamud, Jack Ryger

* denotes these people have returned their contract…..

Wishing you all a Happy and Healthy New Year.


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