Ready to lend a hand……

We know the last 24 hours have been tough for many of you, our valued community, and there are sure to be challenges ahead.  First and foremost, we hope you and your families are safe.  Our hearts go out to the communities that have been hit the hardest.  We want you to know that Surprise Lake Camp sustained minimal damage, and we are standing with you now and as the recovery effort begins.
At the core of SLC is our belief that relationships and community matter.   We are not just a summer camp, we’re an extended family.  It is at times like this that we are reminded of the things that are really important, and how incredibly lucky we are to be a part of a larger community that cares about one another.
It is with this in mind that we wish to extend the offer of temporary lodging to anyone in our community who might need it.  We have two lodges with electricity, heat, and water, and have other cabins that have electricity and are dry, but which have limited heat and water. We can also provide linens and clothing.  If you or your family need temporary shelter, please consider SLC as your home away from home.  You may email alumni@surpriselake.orgor call our office on Thursday at 212-924-3131.Sincerely,                                                                                                                               Surprise Lake Camp 

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  1. Susan Hampton · · Reply

    We are an SLC family living in Westchester and have power, heat and internet and are also willing to help SLC’rs that need a warm shower, place to charge up, etc. Please feel free to contact us if someone needs help.


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