Homeward Bound

Sitting here on a rainy night at camp and I am in awe of the beauty that surrounds me.  I am not sure I understood it before I stepped foot on what I now consider my sacred ground. I now understand, I appreciate the rain..lake went up an inch and a half! Hopefully, a bit more tonight.

This weekend we had our Key Staff weekend…a truly wonderful time surrounded by the people who help to set the table for the summer.  We sat in J lodge for 2 days….(some of us 3) and put together Supervisor Orientation and Staff Orientation.  The feeling in the room is one I can not begin to describe…I try to find the words but I can’t.  We all understand how the campers feel.  Our official start was Saturday at 9:00 am….yet Shelli was already at the lake when I arrived back to camp at 1 pm on Friday!  Laura flew in from Florida and the rest of the crew was not far behind.  Why in the world would folks arrive a day early to sleep on camper beds? It is simple…Camp is magical and you my friends are in for an incredible 110th Anniversary summer.

I received a quick not on Facebook today from a young man who is an attorney, married and just had a baby boy…he thanked me for creating incredible memories for him and having a part in making him who he is today….

My heart soared…..here is to another season of touching lives and creating future leaders.

See you all soon!



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