Jordan’s Eastern Europe Trip

I have just returned from Eastern Europe where I had the opportunity to hire staff in Moscow, Budapest, Prague, and Warsaw.  I was very pleased with the new people I met, and I really look forward to seeing them in camp.  They seem like a great group!!!

I was also thrilled with all of the help I got from SLC alums in every city.  These people made me feel so welcome, and the help they gave me was fabulous.  To Nina Faynberg, Polina Anufreiva, Kata Almassy, Monika Weissova and Lukas Weiss, Petra Weissova and Petr Jilek, Martin Braddack, Martin Opata, Patrick Rais, Ondrej Korchan, Michal Rusinak, Lucie Pragova, Anna Nachtmanova, Ira Paramonova and Lubos Matejka, Karolina Grygiel and Paulina Grygiel, and Sandra Kondel, bless you, bless you for being so wonderful in the best SLC tradition!!!




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