Let It Snow

Some people don’t care for the snow..I happen to be a fan. My snow preference is a Thursday night into Friday morning or a Sunday night into Monday morning, accumulation 7-10 inches! Hey, there is nothing wrong with a three day weekend.  Kids are excited, sledding and shoveling are in the air and well, life is good.  One of the reasons I love snowy winters is because I believe a miserable (for some in terms of snow) winter means a sunny summer.  I could be wrong but I believe that mild winters bring rainy summers…and nice snowy winters bring sunshine!  I am sure someone will look this up..perhaps Whammy…and tell me I am wrong but I don’t think I am.

As I sit here in front of a wonderful fire with a can of coke..I am thankful that sunny days are ahead…so here’s to more snowy days, relaxing by a fire and a 110th anniversary summer that will be incredible!

Stay safe!


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