The Other Classroom

What does camp give you:
  • Self-esteem
  • Peer relationships
  • Independence
  • Adventure and exploration
  • Leadership
  • Environmental awareness
  • Friendship skills
  • Values and decisions
  • Social comfort
  • Spirituality
Camps, more than some other youth programs, provide positive developmental environments for youth, especially in providing supportive relationships with adults and peers and in skill building. Camps have the potential to provide positive experiences foundational to practicing successful life skills.
The most important aspects of  youth development include positive identity, social skills, physical and thinking skills, values, and spirituality. These are the cornerstones of the summer camp experience.
We do GREAT things every summer…..we CHANGE lives, EVERYDAY.
In 60 days we will have the opportunity to touch more lives…..I dont know about you….but I can not wait. 
Happy camping till next time.

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