According to Websters Dictionary the word WOW means: 1.(an exclamation of surprise, wonder, pleasure, or the like): Wow! Look at that!–verb (used with object) 2. to gain an enthusiastic response from; thrill. –noun 3. an extraordinary success: His act is a real wow. 4. excitement, interest, great pleasure, or the like: a car that will add some wow to your life.

In case you haven’t heard….that is what we are..Our goal for the summer and every day going forward…Surprise Lake Camp is committed to a summer of WOW. This is not just about talking the talk…it is about walking the walk as well. We have embrace the culture of the fish philosophy and now we are raising the bar again. From the Executive Director to the Administrative team to the Counselors to the Support Staff….nothing less than WOW.

Our Key Staff spent the past weekend up at camp laying the groundwork for this summer. We came up with lots of wonderful ideas that we will put into place. It all starts with Supervisors weekend that we hold in early June,(it actually starts the day we leave camp) will continue through staff orientation and throughout the summer. Anything less than WOW or extraordinary is not acceptable! Each camper will leave camp with a truly memorable experience……

What’s a WOW? Tune in next week and I will tell you all about it….In the meantime I would like to introduce you to our WOW leadership team:

Drum roll please…..

Our fearless leader and Executive Director Jordan Dale

Camp Director Sheryl Kirschenbaum

Assistant Director Ken Freedman

Director of Development and Alumni Relations Celia Baczkowski

Registrar Sylvie Erlich

Bookkeeper Avri Klemer

Program Director Karen Morrison

Administrative Director Harry Vogel

Director of Specialists Elyse Braun

Mainside Division Head Evie Berger

Teenside Division Head Mara Rubenstein Tanzman

Mainside Head Counselor April Rachmuth

Teenside Head Counselor Shelli Olinsky

I will also fill you in on our WOW Unit Supervisors next week…. Until then …….think camp!


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