Visiting Day…..really??

Wow…time really does fly when you’re having fun!  The last time I wrote we had two days until the campers arrive and now we are getting ready for visiting day!

Session 1 is off to a great start…..If you have been following us on Facebook and Twitter you are up to date with all that has been going on.  I will fill you in on the off-chance you are not a fan…..Arrival day was great, the buses were all in prior to lunch and the kids were involved in activities right after that.  This is what we have been up to…..We had a fireworks display on July4th and a special RED WHITE and BLUE afternoon!! The kids were mesmerized by the display.  Camplified came to camp for an evening concert and the campers (especially the teenside girls) loved it.  Today was Israeli day….we had different stations throughout camp and all our meals had an Israeli “flavor”

Cedarwood ( our 2 week program) has arrived! Lots of fun and excitement in store for them.

Pete Seeger visited camp today and was serenaded by Mountainview Girls and Frontier Boys!


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