The campers are coming!!! 14 days….

Time flies when you’re having fun!  The Key Staff has moved up to camp and the pre camp crew is doing a GREAT job of getting the site ready.  Chef Dave has been preparing wonderful meals in the new kitchen and we are PSYCHED!!! Camp is a beautiful place, but right now, it is very quiet.  I can even hear the bullfrog by the lake.  The only sounds are those of the various projects that are going on. It is hard to believe that in 14 days we will be surrounded by hundreds of smiling faces. (and that is just the staff)

On Friday, the remaining International Staff will be arriving and they will start their orientation.  On Monday, the Supervisors and the Nurses return top finish their orientations and then on Tuesday, the counselors are here!!  We are looking forward to seeing old friends and welcoming our new ones, it looks to be a great week!

Just a few things to remember if your child is coming to camp on the 30th!

  You should have received your luggage tags, if not please call Sylvie at 212 924 3131

  Please mail in the Health form, Immunization History, and a copy of both sides of your insurance card.

  Do not bring/send food and candy for Mainside Campers

  Review the camper pack list carefully.

  Keep all of the electronic stuff at home. (Electronic cameras are welcome, but please note that they can be lost, damaged, or stolen.)

  Please leave all cell phones at home, they will be confiscated and require a parent meeting in September when phones will be returned.

  If you are sending your child with medication, please be sure it is in the original container.

  Please label EVERYTHING! (we have more than one David)

  Please read and keep the Camper / Parent Handbook.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our goal is for you and your child to have a successful summer.

We look forward to meeting you all on Visiting day.


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