Sooo close…….

It has been an incredibly busy past few weeks so please accept my apologies for not being a better blogger.  I just want to fill you in on all that has been going on! 

Our pre campers have begun to arrive!  I was up at camp today and we have about 20 people getting the site ready.  Some old faces, some new faces..but all smiling  faces.  Steve Lawrence (aka Steve Video) received his mp3 player as he was the winner of one of our facebook contests! You should be sure to check us out on facebook as we have lots going on.

 Camp is looking great and this weekend will be hosting our Supervisors for 3 days of fun and training.  It is going to be a great weekend, where we pull it all together and begin the process we call camp.

Last week I had the privilege of attending the Cornerstone Conference at Capital Camps in Pa.  It is a program for third-year bunk counselors (from across the country) .  These counselors are the “cornerstones” of their camps, making significant contributions to the camp program. The Cornerstone Fellowship, made possible by the generosity of the AVI CHAI Foundation, empowers third-year Jewish bunk counselors to view themselves as Jewish role models for both campers and younger counselors alike.

Now in its eighth year, Cornerstone’s advanced professional training  enables Jewish camps to continue to train staff members. The program imparts counselor skills, best practices in Jewish content programming, and teambuilding exercises. Giving counselors the tools they need to succeed means that they’ll come back year after year, helping to build camp community while camp continues to build them.

To top off the past 10 days…..when I pulled into camp today I saw a familiar sight. The red Jeep..sitting in front of the office!  That can only mean one thing….Harry is back at camp…..let the summer begin.

Till next time….


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