Let there be Fish!

With only 51 days until the campers appear, I find myself thinking about Fish!  Not the kind that swim….but the kind that I give out throughout the summer.  When I started at Surprise Lake Camp, I did an orientation session for staff based on the Fish Philosophy. There are a million principles, and I thought it might be hard to follow but we did it anyway. (OK…there are 4 principles….easy ones at that) At the end of the orientation session I gave out a Fish to everyone who was there. The staff wore the fish or carried them all summer.  It created a buzzzzzz…..The kids wanted to know what was the deal with the fish?  How do I get a fish? And so the story begins,  over the course of the summer, we gave fish to campers, we re-ordered fish…and we re-ordered fish..put a sign up by my office on the last day of camp that I had no more fish…that was a sad day..even mailed some out to people during the off season!  So every year at this time I look for cool fish necklaces… which is what I am doing now.

For those of you who are not familiar with the Fish Philosophy, you should check it out!  4 basic principles..lots of fun and it creates an energy!  We have it at camp.  The folks at Charterhouse (the creators of Fish Philosophy) are wonderful!!

This year we will be continuing with Fish…. I think that during orientation we may use It’s not a day it’s a way!  (Another Charterhouse hit) 

Proclaim It

When you tell customers what you stand for, they expect it of you—and you expect it of yourself. increasing your performance.

Live It

An effective team consistently lives the values it says it believes in. Your values point you toward behaviors that fulfill your mission, and away from behaviors that don’t.

Celebrate It

When you celebrate each other for living your values, people know they are appreciated, increasing their engagement.

Seems to me that this is a good fit for Surprise Lake Camp!  Thank you to the folks at Charterhouse, who have helped to creat the energy and momentum Fish has given camp!

I can’t wait to get started with 2010…some of you are under the impression that it started in January….Nope….starts for the kids in 51 days and for me…..well….much sooner than that.

See you soon!


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