Are you ready for the summer?

In 1979, a little movie titled “Meatballs” was released.  I was an incredibly young CIT and if I recall correctly Tripper (played by Bill Murray) was a well-meaning head counselor  who took young Rudy (a lonely, misfit camper under his wing) and it was a summer smash!  The song are you ready for the summer still makes me smile….so why am I sharing this with you?  Simple!  I had the privilege of sitting around a table at camp at our Key Staff Retreat.  It was a great weekend.  We went over the calendar, sorted out new programming ideas, planned supervisor orientation and staff orientation.  A truly incredible weekend that led into Volunteer Day, which  despite the weather was a wonderful (and productive) day.

I am very proud of the work we did this weekend and I am counting down the days until camp.  We have a fun-filled calendar for the campers and a well-rounded orientation schedule for the staff.  The team for 2010 is ready to go.  We all left camp…well pumped for camp.

Every time I blog, I feel as if  I get a little sappy about camp. I guess I do.  You see in 1979,  I was a CIT…we all had jerseys that labor summer of ’79.  I bet if I looked, I have it in a box somewhere. That summer was pivotal in my life, the transition from camper to counselor.  It was from that I became involved in Y camps (yes , it was that long ago that there were Y’s and not JCC’s) It was that summer that I made a difference in a child’s life and my CIT supervisor…took an interest in a misdirected teen (me) that could have ended up in lots of trouble.  It makes me smile ever time I think of that summer…I think I smile when I think back on all my summers. There are things that stick out in my mind…..turning points….most of them can be related back to camp experiences.

My team and I are looking forward to a great summer…..I can only hope that my staff doesn’t treat my like Tripper treated Morty! 

Counting the days until camp….aahhh…who am I kidding I am counting the minutes.

See you soon…until then I will hum the “Are you ready for the summer” song!


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