There’s somthing happening here…

It seems that each time I sit down to blog there is a song running through my head.  Today is no different, except that the similarity ends with the title…or maybe not.

Buffalo Springfield’s “For What It’s Worth” starts with, “There’s something happening here, What it is ain’t exactly clear.” On Sunday, April 25th, SLC is expecting over 300 volunteers for its annual Volunteer Day.  This will eclipse our best previous attendance by nearly 100 people.  Volunteers will range in age from 7-75, and they include campers, parents, alumni, staff, Board members and members of the community. An extensive list of 40 projects is on the agenda, each supervised by a volunteer team captain. One roofing project will begin on Saturday and continue for at least a week.

What a remarkable event, with more volunteers in attendance than many camps have when they are fully enrolled!

There is truly something happening here and I think it is clear.  Surprise Lake Camp means so much to so many, I can’t wait to see everyone on Sunday.  If you have not signed up to volunteer, there is still time!  Call Elina at 212 924 3131 and she will give you all the information!

 See you Sunday.


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