The Countdown……….

I look at the camp countdown and it tells me we have 78 days until the campers arrive…..that means we are getting close!  Staff arrive prior to that…it is starting to feel a lot like camp. 

I went up to camp last week, and I am embarassed to say that I had not been there since October.  Each time I attempted to go up over the winter, there was a storm or something came up here in the city….but I made it!  Long overdue  but I got there. As I drove up the camp road, I began to hear the sound of laughter and joy!  You might ask what joy sounds like….I will tell you it can’t be explained.  No, I was not hallucinating, it was very real to me.  It happens each time I head up the road….it makes my heart happy.

My first stop was the kitchen.  As many of you know we are in the midst of a MAJOR renovation. I was excited to see how it was going and I was shocked to see the transformation!  We will now have a kitchen that will match the quaility of our food (how many camps can say that?) For those of you who are not familiar with our camp food, it is GREAT!  I walked in and was amazed at the work that had been done.  New floors in the kitchen, new equipment, a great new look!  If our chefs did a great job last year on older equipment, I can only imagine what will be now that we have modern equipment!

I had the opportunity to walk camp and yes, it took a bit of a beating from the winter storms but Gene and Steve are working hard getting everything in shape.  Volunteer day will enable us to spruce up camp as we have over 300 volunteers! (That is a record) If you have not yet registered please call Elina at 212 924 3131 and she will give you all the information.

I had some time to just “sit” at camp.  Funny thing about camp is that you don’t necessarily need to be doing anything to get that feeling.  The feeling that all is right in the world, the feeling of home.  In less than 78 days….we will all be home.

I think I will try clicking my heels 3 times and see if it takes me there now!

See you soon.



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