102 and counting…

Children are our future, and the skills learned and relationships fostered at so many camps throughout the country are often life-changing stepping stones on the road to adulthood. They come to camp from all walks of life, eager to learn, yearning to make new friends, ready to take on new challenges and discover gifts they didn’t know they had.

Camp celebrates diversity and promotes tolerance. It holds a mirror up so children can see, no matter what their color, gender or socioeconomic circumstances, that who they are is beautiful inside and out.

I knew all this….the countdown to camp has always excited me but having just returned from the camp conference in Atlantic City,  I am PSYCHED!!  There is something invigorating about sharing ideas, programs, and pipe dreams with those in the field.  The American Camping Association Conference was wonderful! GREAT speakers….old friends….and Fonzie (Henry Winkler) giving the Keynote today…I am sorry I have to miss that but I have a ton of work to do.

The conference has put me in the camp state of mind (not like i wasn’t before) with fresh ideas for programs and orientation.  I can’t wait for the summer~

Watch for all the wonderful things that will be happening!


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