Counting down…….

The snow is melting, the sun is shining… can only mean one thing!  I guess it can mean more than one thing but for me only one…..CAMP IS COMING!  113 days until the first camper arrives at Surprise Lake Camp…..perhaps he/she will be a returnee or maybe a first timer ( yes, it will be one or the other) but the look on the face will be the same…awe.

I did a home visit yesterday to discuss camp with an 11-year-old girl and her parents.  The girl has attended day camp since she was old enough to go and this year she told her mom I want to go away.  As she watched the video, I watched her…..the look on her face when she saw the activities and the lake….priceless!

Her dad went to camp at Surprise Lake in 1980 or so…loved it….and wants his child to have the same wonderful experiences that he did.  We talked about the food which was a topic of concern and I assured them that camp food is no longer camp food!  Not with Dave and Aaron on board.  We talked about being scared….Will the kids be nice?…Are the counselors nice?…Will I see you there….It was easy for me to answer yes to all these questions….you see these home visits are really a piece of camp….I don’ t have to sell camp…Camp sells camp….there is no hard sell at these meetings , no reason to do that.

Camp is a special place, it is shown in the resonates when I answer their questions because the answers come from the heart…..I don’t know about you….but I can’t wait for the first bus…the first car…the first camper.

Now if  I could only find fish rain boots in a size 8!


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  1. I love camp food!


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