Fish? Really?

To Everything (Turn, Turn, Turn)
There is a season (Turn, Turn, Turn)
And a time to every purpose, under Heaven…..
As most of you know the words are adapted from The Bible, book of Ecclesiastes
and the music is by our very own Pete Seeger…

I find myself searching a lot lately,
Maybe it is the time of the year…
Maybe it has to do with aging
Maybe in my case it has more to do with growing up~
Whatever the reason is..It has become clear to me that I can do better
It is in my hands……

Over the course of the summer I do a lot of talking about the Fish philosophy…
4 major principles…..Be there, Make their day, Be present and Choose your attitude.
I like to think I not only talk the talk but I walk the walk….

Join me!



  1. I applaud you all for practicing The FISH! Philosophy and showing up with a choice of attitude. Being the “attitude adjuster” at The FISH! Philosophy, I have the honor of speaking to organizations throughout the U.S. Their one desire is to commit to change and sustain that committment. Much like a diet. The only way to give outstanding service and experience, is to be fully engaged as a staff member. It’s your choice. When given our 4 practices of Be There, Play (be creative), Make Their Day, and Choose Your Attitude, you have common language to reward and recognize each others efforts. You make a commitment to yourself and your camp. Make it a great summer and most of all have fun!


    1. Hi Lynn

      I got your message but did not have time to return call as i have been at retreats and the like. I would love to speak to you about the
      fish….we love it at camp….campers and counselors alike.
      I have become the fish lady….a new fish necklace every year to the staff and the kids earn them.

      Please call when you have time or let me know a convenient time to reach you. I can be reached at 212 924 3131


    2. Hi Lynne,

      This summer we are having fish dogtags made. One for each practice…..the kids will hope to get all four. In years past we gave a fish if someone did one of the practices….this year will be a challange for them and the staff. You should check it out over the summer. You guys are the best and at Surprise Lake Camp it is all about FISH!



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