More often than not I truly enjoy writing the Friday blog!  That was not the case today. I came across this last week and it made me think.  I hope it has the same impact on you.

Come off the Mountain


Bobby Thompson hit the most famous home run in baseball history,
one that capped the Brooklyn Dodgers remarkable pennant race. As
he entered the dugout, his brother said to him, “This is the greatest
moment of your life!” Immediately, he was depressed.
Peak moments carry great dangers. After saving the world, Noah is
betrayed by his children. After the revelation at Sinai, Israel goes on to
build the golden calf.
There is nothing quite so unmasking as a dream achieved. What
happens after?
Inspiration is not enough. Life is not defined solely by moments of
passion that stir our blood. Each morning reminds us that life is
measured by renewed and persistent effort.
Falling in love brings an unrivaled passion, exciting and electrifying. But
listen to the language — falling in love. We cannot fall every day of our
lives and keep our footing. Sooner or later we must walk steady in
love. The movie fades out in the embrace. What of all the years that
The most famous mountain in history is Sinai. And no one knows
where it is. Perhaps God was afraid people would spend all their time
up there. What we need to do is not camp on the mountaintop, but
live down below.


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  1. Hi, first I want to say that I love your blog. Great post, I entirely agree with you. Have a good day maty.


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