And the winner is……..

The past couple of weeks have yielded quite a bit of recognition for Surprise Lake Camp. First, on November 8, Nili Simhai, the Director of SLC’s Teva Learning Center, was presented with a prestigious Covenant Award for excellence in Jewish education. This was the first time the Covenant Foundation has ever given this award to an environmental educator, and the honor pays tribute not only to Nili’s excellence, but also to the entire Teva program. It comes with a stipend for Nili personally as well as a grant for Teva.Next, our Executive Director, Jordan Dale, was selected by the New York Section of the American Camp Association to receive the Thelma Hurwitz Award. This award is named for a true legend in the camping field—Thelma Hurwitz—a woman often called the “Queen of Camping,” and someone for whom Jordan had enormous personal fondness. It is meant to celebrate individuals who have had an outstanding record of leadership for at least ten years. Jordan, who has been an active part of the organized camping world since he started with us 24 seasons ago, certainly meets this qualification.Finally, camp received TWO awards at the recent Grinspoon conference. The first honored Celia and the rest of the SLC staff for exemplary work using social media to connect with our alumni, staff, and campers. We want to publicly thank Board members David Kerpen and Dayle Henshel for their volunteer work in support of this achievement, as well as all of the alumni who got the ball rolling and really created this success. Second, Celia and Jordan were presented with a $10,000 check from The Grinspoon Institute for our success in reaching our Legacy Campaign goals. We want to acknowledge everyone out there who joined the 1902 Society in the past year—you are the ones who made this possible!We hope everyone in the SLC community takes pride in these achievements. You all know how special SLC is, but it is always nice to see that the rest of the world agrees!



  1. woo hoo! wonderful things to celebrate!


  2. Great post, great looking website, added it to my favorites.


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