1902 Society


The 1902 Society Planned Giving Society (Deferred Giving)

Membership in the 1902 Society is open to all those who include Surprise Lake Camp in their estate plans. We hope you will tell us when you have done so because we would very much like the opportunity to say “thank you” for your generosity. Letting us know of your intentions does not create any obligation on your part, but it does help us to be better aware of your particular interests and will allow us to keep you informed of developments at SLC which may be relevant to your planned gift. Recognition of your gift may also inspire generosity in others. Surprise Lake Camp is extremely grateful to the following individuals who have made provisions for SLC in their estate planning: Here are some of the ways in which you can help Surprise Lake Camp through estate planning: Giving Through Your Will If you are unable to make the type or size of gift to SLC you would like at this time, you certainly are not alone. Financial concerns, family issues, the type of assets in your estate and other factors often make it unwise or impossible to make a major gift during your lifetime. By bequeathing a gift to SLC through your will, you retain the full use of your assets to provide for today’s needs and future expenses. Through your will, you make certain that SLC is remembered – exactly how you decide during your lifetime. Your will is an opportunity for you to make a larger gift in the future than you may be able to make today. Your bequest can be your final statement about what you believe to be important and worthwhile, such as the programs at SLC. Life Income Gifts; Charitable Gift Annuities & Charitable Remainder Trusts A Charitable Gift Annuity – often referred to as a “life income gift” – is a legal contract under which you will be paid a specified amount every year in return for an irrevocable gift of cash or securities. Upon the death of the donor or the last surviving beneficiary, the remainder of the original gift passes to SLC for its charitable purposes. Would You Like More Information? A representative of Surprise Lake Camp is always happy to speak with you. Please call  at (212) 924-3131 for more information.


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