The Countdown Begins!

Generally, this is the time of the week when I struggle with what to blog about.  This week is a no brainer.  I could write about the Yankees win, but then this would be like all those Facebook updates and frankly, the Yankees have nothing to do with my blog! (sorry Yankee fans) On second thought, perhaps they do.  The Yankees are a dynasty…27 World Series Championships….the most in the history of sports.  SLC has 107 years of rich history. Hmmm…it makes you wonder.

The key to a successful team (or any organization) is consistency.  Over the years, The Yankees have groomed players, made good choices regarding trades, and play hard.  They have a solid foundation and have built on it.  We do the same here at SLC and have been since 1902.

This past Monday, we sent emails to our most valuable staff members (camp’s MVP’s) asking if they were interested in returning to camp.  The response was overwhelming!!  The phones were ringing off the hook, emails came pouring in, and everyone is clamoring to join the Facebook Staff of 2010 page.  Why? That’s easy.  Because there is no place like camp! Not just for the kids, but the staff, too.  I heard someone once say about camp that you live10 (months) for 2 . . . and it is true! From the minute the buses leave at the end of the summer, everyone counts the days until they can return to camp.

The overwhelming staff response illustrates what we are about.  There is an SLC pride…..a loyalty….and it shows in everything we do.  Our staff is dedicated, hard working and give 110% every day, and are clamoring for a position in our starting lineup.  I am very proud of the response because it shows we are doing something right.  Consistency in staffing is vital.  It lends itself to continuing the traditions that make camp what it is.  While many camps have tremendous changeover from year to year, SLC remains consistent with a strong foundation.  I hate to admit it, but maybe we are a little like the Yankees. After all, they are the best in baseball and we are the Best In Jewish Camping.

So…grab the hand of the person next to you (go find someone) and join me…in Nestling

“Nestled ‘Neath the shady trees
Lies our camp so dear
Where the Lake Surprise flows
Sparkling far and near
Blue and white (WHITE!)
Blue and white (WHITE!)
Colors of SLC (SLC!)
We will always sing thy praise
And e’er be true to thee.

Day is done
Gone the sun
From the lakes
From the hills
From the skies
All is well
Safely rest
G-d is nigh.”

See you next week.




  1. Cute!


  2. not a bad blog at all; quite impressive, actually…and i’m not even a yankee fan, though i am an slc fan!


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