Summer Camp–noun

a camp, esp. one for children during the summer, providing facilities for sleeping and eating, and usually for handicrafts, sports, etc.

Really is that the definition?  A place that provides facilities for sleeping and eating. Handicrafts , sports etc. I think we all know that camp is far more than that. It is a place where memories are made, friendships that last a lifetime are created and all the intangibles make it a magical experience. I don’t know about you but there is nothing like the feeling you get when you pull onto the camp road… does not matter how many times you do it….it is like going home.

According to the calendar, in 37 ½ weeks we will be once again welcoming campers to our home.  New campers who may be frightened as well as excited about the experience and returning campers who have been counting the days till they return. It is an incredible feeling that we are all a part of. I think we take for granted the role we play.  We change lives every day…..not just the staff but the alumni….the board everyone who is involved in making sure the rich tradition at SLC stands the test of time. Our campers are better people because of us.  Our community affords them the opportunity to be kids…to connect with each other without texting, iming and all the electronic means that we rely on. As my friend Harry says, “We communicate” (you really need to say it like Harry to get the feel)

This summer I will be the Camp Director, and I want to thank you all in advance for your help and support.  They say that Disney is the happiest place on earth…I think that SLC is.  I look forward to an incredible summer…I know we can do this together.

See you next week!




  1. carolyn · · Reply

    what a b-e-a-u-tiful photo of our site! we are all very excited to have you as our camp director!


  2. I am fairly certain this is a Whammy photo!


  3. Hello from Russia!
    Can I quote a post in your blog with the link to you?


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